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    Popularity of the name Alexander

    According to the Social Security Administration, Alexander was the 13th most popular baby boy’s name in America in 2021, 10th in 2020, 11th in 2018 and 2019, 13th place in 2017, 11th in 2016, and 8th in 2015!  So, this classic name has moved around steadily in the top names in popularity over the last few years!

    Average number of web searches for the name Alexander over time

    Meaning of the name Alexander
    Alexander shown on our Baby background with Sage and Gold mats

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    Meaning of the name Alexander

    History and meaning of the name Alexander

    The origin of Alexander is the Latin form of the Greek name Alexandros, and its meaning is derived from the components alexo (I defend) and aner (man), and its classical meaning is “Great Defender and Protector of Men” and “One Who Assists his Fellow Men in Battle.” Also, the name “Alexander”, with its first letter of “A”, shares the distinction with the letters “J” and “L” as being the most popular first letters of boys’ first names in America!

    The meaning of the name Alexander is consistent across several languages and is a very popular boy’s name in all countries and cultures, and LindseyBoo Creations strives for accuracy in researching the origins and meanings of names.

    Alexander on the hunting background with black and gold mats
    Alexander shown on our Hunting background with Black and Gold Mats

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    meaning of the name Alexander

    Variations we’ve done on the name Alexander

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    Famous People named Alexander

    The most famous Alexander is Alexander III of Macedon, born in Ancient Greece in 356 B.C., more commonly known as Alexander the Great.  By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to northwestern India.  He was undefeated in battle and is widely considered to be one of history’s most successful military commanders. 

    Another famous Alexander was Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States of America, who was the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, and a trusted cabinet member to our first President, George Washington.

    meaning of the name Alexander
    Alec on our baseball background with blue and red mats

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    meaning of the name Alexander

    Your Alexander

    Is your Alexander “a great defender”?  I’m sure he is!  I love to hear from our customers about how the meanings of names really do match their namesakes!  

    Meaning of the name Alexander
    Xander shown on our Wolf Song background with Black and Gold Mats

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    meaning of the name Alexander

    Frequently asked questions about the name Alexander (FAQ)

    What is the biblical meaning of the name Alexander?

    One who assists men

    Biblical Names Meaning:

    In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Alexander is: One who assists men.

    Is Alexander a strong name?

    Alexander stands out easily among the classics like Michael and Matthew, yet remains heads above the competition when it comes to pure strength. Like Maximilian, the name has a silent strength, projecting authority with ease.

    Is the name Alexander in the Bible?

    The name “Alexander” in the New Testament refers to a number of different people: The son of Simon of Cyrene, and brother of Rufus (Mark 15:21) A member of the high priestly family (Acts 4:6) Alexander (Ephesian) (1 Timothy 1:20; could also be the Alexander of Acts 19:33)

    Is Alexander mentioned in the Bible?

    Alexander was briefly mentioned in the first Book of the Maccabees, however, the name “Alexander” or “Alexander the Great” referring to the Macedonian King, never appears in the Bible. All of Chapter 1, verses 1–7 was about Alexander and this serves as an introduction of the book.

    What is a good nickname for Alexander?


    Is Alex a cool name?

    As a given name in its own right, Alex was most popular in the mid-1990s reaching as high as #47 on the male naming charts (1995). Alexander, however, has always been more popular (today Top 20 favorite). Like Ben, Sam or Max, some parents just prefer the more relaxed shortened versions of names.

    How old is the name Alexander?

    1280 BC; this is generally assumed to have been a Greek called Alexandros. The name was one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera and as such is usually taken to mean “one who comes to save warriors”. In the Iliad, the character Paris is known also as Alexander.

    How popular is the name Alexander?

    According to the Social Security Administration data, Alexander has been overwhelmingly popular over the last two decades, remaining in the top 20 names since 2000. It peaked in popularity in 2009 when it was the number four most popular name for boys.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the many variations of Alexander and the various art backgrounds and mat combinations shown here in this blog that go so beautifully with this wonderful name!  Please remember that any name can be combined with any art background and mat combination of your choice!

    Thank you for reading my blog about Alexander! Have fun perusing our website, looking up the names of your family, friends and loved ones – and in the rare event we don’t have the name you’re looking for, I am happy to write it for you at no extra charge!

    If you enjoy reading about the popularity and meanings of names, check out my in-depth article “What’s in a Name?”

    What’s in a name?

    Here is a short excerpt:

    “We believe all children are gifts to our world, and their beautiful, deeply thought-out names deserve to be memorialized in poetry, meant to not only capture the wonderful feelings the gift giver has for the recipient, but also the wonderful characteristics and attributes of the recipient.

    As King Solomon aptly stated, “A good name is rather to be chosen than riches.”

    Click here to read the full article.

    I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know if my poem for Alexander matches your sweet child, or someone you know.

    If you would like to learn more about how Sharon started writing these beautiful poems, please read Sharon’s story here.

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