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...from your heart to theirs, with beautiful name poetry from LindseyBoo Creations

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Over 10,000 Names Available, including the Origins and Meanings!

Our mission is to provide a quick, easy, fun and affordable way for you to give a “one of a kind gift” with your very own combination of our name poems, art backgrounds, and color-coordinated mats.

You can quickly and easily create a gift that will truly become a treasured family keepsake!

The name Ava on LindseyBoo Ballerina background with sage and pink mats
Ava shown on our Ballerina background with Pink and Sage mats
Meaning of the name Amelia

Our name poems (also known as “acrostic poetry”) are written individually by Sharon Gorsuch, and Sharon also researches the origins and meanings of each name.

Our personalized poems make wonderful gifts for all occasions– baby showers, new baby gifts, baptisms, christenings, birthdays, First Holy Communions, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and even just “I love you” presents!

This lovely artwork will beautifully adorn a nursery or bedroom wall (or dresser top), or any wall in your home. Unmatted poems also fit scrapbooks!

Many of our customers have bought their children’s and grandchildren’s name poems not only as gifts for them, but also for themselves, so that they can create a “montage” in their own homes.  Some customers place them over their sofas in their living rooms, creating a beautiful art display in honor of their children and/or grandchildren; and we’ve had customers who placed all of the names of their families “going up the staircase” in their homes. So, the design possibilities are endless!

All of our poems are uplifting and affirming, and over the years we’ve had customers who loved them so much when they were little, that they have come back to buy name poems for their own sweet children.  

If you would like to learn more about how Sharon started writing these beautiful poems, please read Sharon’s story here.

meaning of the name William
William shown on our Wolf Song background with Black and Gold mats
LindseyBoo Creations

Our customers say the nicest things...

I have to say, LindseyBoo saved the day for my dilemma.  I wanted to get something for my cousin’s 90th birthday that was not only personal to her, but also equally special.  I’ve always liked acrostic poems, so I went searching to see what I could find online.  I found several options, but none seemed to fit my vision.

As I continued to search, I came across an acrostic name poem from LindseyBoo.  I smiled and thought, “This is it!”  I eagerly went further into the site, and did not hesitate to place my order.

I also had the pleasure of reading Sharon’s story about how LindseyBoo came to be many years ago.
It was so inspiring!  

Sharon has written over 10,000 name poems over the years, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, I’m sure she will be more than happy to satisfy your request.

If anyone is looking for name poems for gifts, or a unique and special gift for any occasion, I definitely recommend LindseyBoo, there is just nothing else like them.  I will definitely be ordering again!

Many thanks!
Respectfully satisfied,

Marjorie M.

Do you have a loved one with an unusually spelled or unique name, that you’ve never been able to find? We’re here to help!

We currently offer more than 10,000 name poems. In addition to classical names, we have many unique and unusually spelled names that have been requested by our loyal customers over the last 25+ years, all of which can be found on our website. 

And in the rare event we don’t already have the unusually spelled or unique name poem you need, we will create it for you at no extra charge.

meaning of the name Sophia
Sophia shown on our Angelic Moon and Stars background with a Purple mat

We offer 85 beautiful photo-quality art backgrounds, and you can easily create your own combination of name poems and backgrounds that match your loved one’s personality, favorite pastimes, hobbies and room decor. 

meaning of the name Hunter
Hunter shown on our Cowboy background with Blue and Red mats
LindseyBoo Creations

And with your choice of 10 color-coordinated mat combinations, four of which (the pink, red, gold and silver mats) can also be used as bottom mats for a high-end, double-matted effect, a beautiful, meaningful and affordable gift can be created in just minutes.   

All backgrounds are 8-1/2″ X 11″ in size, and with mats the finished size is 11″ X 14″ – all designed to fit standard-sized frames, easily found at your local retail and craft stores, as well as online.

All Poems: $6.50
All Mats: $4.50

Our Beloved Grandparents

We write name poems for all ages, and we even write poems for the beloved grandparents in your life – “Nana”, “Grandma”, “Grandpa”, and “Pop Pop”, just to name a few! No matter what term of endearment you and your family use for the special grandparent(s) in your life, if we don’t already have it, we’re happy to write it for you at no extra charge.

Sharon just wrote a great article about all of the variations we call our amazing Grandparents here in the United States.

Read the full article here

Meaning of the name Nana
Nana shown on our Ribbons and Lace background with Sage and Pink mats

All Poems: $6.50
All Mats: $4.50

Would you like to create a beautiful, meaningful, and affordable gift in just minutes? Now you can!

It's quick, fun, and as easy as 1-2-3


Find a name



Choose a background

meaning of the name Olivia
Olivia shown on our Sparkles background


Choose your mat(s)

Matted poems fit standard 11 x 14 frames.

Unmatted poems fit standard 8 1/2 x 11 frames.

All Poems: $6.50
All Mats: $4.50

Our Customers say the nicest things...

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